Probably the Anthony described as a wagonner on Epps Brown imventory list. Willed $100 by Elizabeth Brown for his faithful service.


Her ability to work and bear children determined a female slaves value or worth. Thus, Ailsey and old woman who could no longer bear children received an appraisal value of $1 on Elizabeth Brown's inventory. Ailsey appeared in the 1870 Hancock County census as:

She resided near A.E.W. Brown, son of Elizabeth and Epps Brown.

1870 U.S. Census, Hancock County,Georgia, Ailsey Brown, Dwelling #


In the year 1867, Prince Brown appears on the tax digest of Hancock County. A.E.W. Brown was listed as his employer. In 1880, he heads this household:

1870 U.S. Census, Hancock County, Georgia, 113th District, Dwelling #208.


Described as a house servant in Elizabeth Brown's will and bequeath $50. Persumed to be the 68 year old black servant of T.W. Harris found in the 1880 census. Her age and proximity to A.E.W. Brown strongly supports this supposition.