Hypertension (High Blood Pressure):Silent Killer

A larger percentage of black Americans have hypertension or high blood pressure than any other ethnic or racial group. However, several research studies have shown no association between African genetic ancestry and high blood pressure. Although genetic factors likely play some role, social factors like stress and perceived racial discrimination have been implicated as contributors to high blood pressure.

What is High Blood Pressure?

The heart pumps blood through small tube -like structures called arteries to all parts of your body. As blood flows through your arteries, it pushes with a force against their walls. This force, which does not remain constant , is called blood pressure. Blood pressure rises and falls during each day. When blood pressure becomes higher than the accepted normal range and remains so, this is called high blood pressure or hypertension. Most of the time, high blood pressure or hypertension has no warning signs or symptoms.

High blood pressure can be measured or diagnosed using simple, non-invasive instruments. The measurement is given or expressed as two numbers. The top number is called systolic, the bottom number is called diastolic.

What causes High Blood Pressure?

Health Problems Caused By High Blood Pressure

How can I Prevent or Control High Blood Pressure?


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