Tracing Your Ancestors

Are you ready to begin a journey?

A journey that will perhaps influence, if not change some aspect of your life.

A journey that will surely:

Tracing your ancestors is such a journey. Utilizing actual cases this series will hopefully provide a roadmap.
Even if you have already begun the search for your ancestors, perhaps you will find useful tips in this series of articles.

Let Us Begin!

Step 1

Case Study

Let us consider the case of M. Walker, a fifty year old black male who resides in central Georgia. He wanted to trace his mother's side of the family. Although his mother and grandmother were now deceased he remembered the following from previous conversations with them:

He further stated that his grandmother died in 1989 and was buried in Mt. Cilla Church cemetery, Wilkinson County. He could not locate his copy of her obituary. He believed she owned the farm on which she worked. He was not sure about her marital status.

Go now, start your journey!