AIDS caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disproportionately affects people of color. Take a look at these statistics:

Alarming Stats

The state of Georgia reports 69% of people living with diagnosed HIV in 2013 were black, 6% Hispanic/Latino and 20% white.

Breakdown of Georgia Population in 2013 by Race/Ethnic Group
White Black Hispanic
54.8% 30.5% 9.2%

What is HIV?

As the name implies, HIV is a virus that cripples the immune system. In simple terms, it destroys the body cells that fight off infections or diseases.

How is HIV acquired?

The live virus has been found in semen, vaginal secretions, blood, breast milk and urine. Thus, HIV is spread by:

  1. sexual contact (vaginal or anal)
  2. sharing of IV drug needles
  3. transmission from mom to baby
  4. blood transfusions
  5. research does not currently show it is spread through household and routine contact

How Can I Protect Myself Against HIV

  1. Follow safe sexual practices
  2. Never, never share drug needles
  3. If you engage in high risk behavior-Consult a health clinic for testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis(PREP).PREP is a type of medication that decreases ones chance of getting HIV.
  4. Post-exposure prophylaxis- a type of medication taken after being exposed to HIV.

How Do I Know if I Have HIV

We must stop the spread of HIV among people of color. Join with others in DOING IT.

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