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Here's a chance to test your knowledge of the U.S. slave holding states. Choose your answer now. If you don't know, just take a good guess. Poll closes on 6/15/2020. Results and correct answer will be posted then.
Since Nancy was born around 1896, we searched the 1900 Hancock County census for her parents' household. We found:

Robert Eagle, born 1839, Georgia, married 40 yrs.
Hattie Eagle, born 1880, Georgia, daughter
Sarah Eagle, born 1883, Georgia, daughter
Wm Eagle, born 1884, Georgia, son
James Eagle, born1886, Georgia, son
Livia Eagle, born 1888, Georgia, daughter
Nancy Eagle, born 1890, Georgia, daughter
Jessie  Eagle, born 1893, Georgia, son

U.S.Census, 1900, Hancock County, Georgia, Jewell Disrtict, Robert Eagle,  House#

Mary Eagle's tombstone indicated that she died July 27, 1921. A search of Georgia death certificates turned up one for her.  The certificate described Mary Eagle as a colored, married female, age 73. It supplied the following information about her:

Date of Birth:1848
Husband: Robert Eagle
Residence: Hancock County, Georgia
Mother: Mary Moss, born Warren County, Georgia
Father: Liza Moss
Informant: Irwin Eagle
Burial Place: Thankful Baptist Church

We had now found another generation of Nancy Scott's family.

Sa - Ur / Tyus, Richard & Candis
« Last post by chief on September 19, 2019, 05:37:35 PM »

My name is Jennifer Tyes (Tyus). I am the great great grand daughter of Richard and Candis Tyus. I am so thankful for your website. I see that you provide a great amount of information but I was wondering if you could provide me with more information about the John A Evans plantation. Do you have additional information?

Thank you,

Sa - Ur / Tyus, Richard & Candis
« Last post by chief on September 19, 2019, 04:52:00 PM »
Dear Susan,

My name is Erik Murray-Knox.

My 2nd Great Grandmother and Grandfather were Richard and Candis Tyus who had been slaves on the plantation of John A Evens in Hancock County, Georgia. I was able to find this precious information thanks to your research as posted on  at

I was wondering if you had any additional information about them and / or if you could point me it the right direction.

In particular, I am wondering where the surname Tyus came from. One theory is that they were acquired by Evans from a prior owner with the last name Tyus.

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your wonderful research.

Warm regards,

Erik Murray-Knox
Two forum members voted in our Native American heritage poll. One member claimed descent from the Blackfoot tribe.
NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTRY / Re: New! Black Americans Claim Native American Heritage Poll
« Last post by suz on July 22, 2019, 03:08:25 PM »
Many of the black American families that I have researched claim descent from members of the following groups:Creek,  Cherokee, Blackfoot  and tribes native to Georgia and Florida.
Tracing Ancestors of Sam Brown / Tracing the Ancestors of Sam Brown, Jr.
« Last post by chief on July 16, 2019, 08:42:37 PM »
Based on the data supplied by Tester (user's name), Sam Brown Jr. was probably born around 1890. Thus, we began our search for him in the 1900 census.

What We Found

United States Census, 1900, Burke County, Georgia

Sam Brown, black, male, born 1846, farmer, born Georgia, married 1 year
Indiana  Brown?, black, female, daughter, born 1874, Georgia
Ada Brown, black, female,daughter, born 1886, Georgia
Mamie Brown, black, female, daughter, born 1888, Georgia
Annie Brown, black, female, daughter, born 1874,Georgia
Samuel Brown, black, male, son, born 1895, farm laborer,Georgia
Wesley Brown, black, male,son, born 1881, farm laborer,Georgia
Mary Brown, black, female, wife, born 1864, Georgia
Sam Brown, 1900 Census, Burke County, Georgia, ED 0017, Dwelling #83.

This census entry matched the family history given by Tester for her grandfather, Sam Brown.

What We Learned About Sam ( Samuel) Brown, Jr.
  • Born in Georgia about 1895
  • Mother probably deceased - Sam Brown, Sr. had been married to wife Mary only one year
  • Siblings: Indiana?, Ada, Mamie, Annie, Wesley
NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTRY / New! Black Americans Claim Native American Heritage Poll
« Last post by chief on July 12, 2019, 10:12:20 PM » is conducting a new "Black Americans Claim Native American Heritage Poll." Researchers report that one out of every ten black Americans have Native American roots. One interviewer of former slaves reported that all the former slaves she questioned claimed Native American ancestry.Clearly, this is a topic warranting further research. Please participate in our poll and share your family's oral tradition about Native American heritage. You do not have to be a member of the forum to participate. Poll closes July 30, 2019, 11:59 pm. Poll results will be posted on forum and can be viewed by all.
To trace Georgia's mother, Nancy Scott, back another generation, we needed to know her birth or maiden name.  The two easiest ways to obtain this data were:
  • Locate a marriage certificate
  • Find Nancy's obituary

Locate a Marriage Certificate for Nancy Scott
A search of computerized online marriage record for Warren and Hancock Counties failed to turn up one for Lucious Scott and Nancy.

Find Nancy Scott's Obituary
Seer reported Nancy Scott died after 1970, and was probably buried at Thankful Baptist Church cemetery.
A search of digitized newspapers available thru the local library lead to this obituary for Nancy Scott:
See Attachment below, Nancy Scott's Obituary.jpg

We now had  Nancy Scott's maiden name and the names of her parents, Bob and Mary Eagle.

Next we took a look at cemetery records, especially focusing on those of Thankful Baptist Church. We found:

Nancy E. Scott

Jessie Eagle
February 29, 1890 - February 18, 1953

John Eagle
1877- August 20, 1930

Mary Moss Eagle
1848- July 27, 1921

Rosa Eagle
October 9, 1895- September 26, 1961

Nancy Scott's obituary listed only one  living sibling, a brother James, who resided in Warren County, Georgia.  Jessie and John Eagle found in the above  cemetery records were also probably her siblings.

See Attachment below, Ancestors of Georgia Scott.jpg

Sa - Ur / Laura Tyus
« Last post by stanjaxsr on March 22, 2019, 09:00:25 PM »
Seeking relatives of Laura Tyus and Mark or Marcus Andrews, my maternal grandparents.
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