Brown Plantation-Hancock County, Georgia

Children, women and men held as slaves often passed from one generation of a family to the next. Consider for example, the slaves held by Epps Brown. Epps Brown was born on December 17, 1766 in Virginia. By 1793,he resided in a portion of Greene County, Georgia which later became Hancock County. The History of Hancock County Georgia by Smith, reports Brown came to help subdue the Seminole Indians. Around 1800, he married Elizabeth Shackleford who died May 6, 1860 in Hancock County.

On June 9, 1827, Epps Brown signed his will:

I give and bequeathed to my daughter Nancy B. Brown the following negroes to wit, Lucy and her 5 children, Winston, Warren, Fanny, Elbert and John, also Ellen and Cato Anderson and Harriett and in the event that my said daughter shall die before marriage the aforesaid slaves and increase of the females, I give and bequeath to my son Algernon Sidney Brown.
I give and bequeath to the children which my son Burwell Brown now has or hereafter may have in lawful wedlock the negroes Jere and Judah and the children now in life and hereafter to be born.
To my beloved wife Elizabeth I give desire and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate and personal negroes not herein before named …during her life and on her decease to my son Algernon Sidney and to my son Alfred.

Epps Brown died from a sword wound received in a duel on August 22, 1827. An inventory and appraisal of his estate listed 46 slaves.

Inventory of Slaves Held by Epps Brown
Slave Name Appraisal Value
Aaron 262
Alice and child
Anderson, boy 325
Anthony, waggoner 550
Berry, boy 280
Betty, girl 350
Blanche 380
Daniel 500
Davy 450
Deliah 380
Elbert, boy
Eliza 160
Ellinor 275
Emeline, girl 325
Fanny 200
Florida 100
Hampton 170
Harriott 140
Henry, boy
Holland 450
Jerry 500
Jourdan 537
Judah 100
Julia 150
Kathy 260
Lish 250
Lucy and child 425
Martha 154
Mary and child 500
Noel, boy 237
Patience 250
Peggy 175
Peter 500
Prince 200
Richmond 500
Sabrina and child 500
Sally 125
Sarah and child 400
Susan 154
Sylva 125
Tim 75
Tom, old 300
Tom, young 550
Warren, boy 300
William 500
Winston, girl 260

Brown’s estate including over 2000 acres and the slaves not specifically bequeathed passed to Elizabeth. On January 8, 1859 Elizabeth E. Brown signed her will :

I give and bequeath to my sons Algernon S. Brown and Alfred E.W. Brown my real estate , The plantation on which I now live containing about twenty-four hundred acres, my stock of all kinds...I also give to my sons Algernon S. Brown and Alfred E.W. Brown the following negroes: Maria, Prince, Antionette and her child Frances, and their future increase...
The above bequests to my sons Algernon and Alfred shall be held subject to the payment of one hundred dollars to my faithful negro man Anthony and of fifty dollars to my old house servant Betty. I direct my executor first to pay said pecuneary legacies before a division shall be made of my estate.

Elizabeth E. Brown died May 6, 1860,thirty five years after her husband's death.The following slaves appeared on the inventory and appraisal of her property:

Inventory of Slaves Held by Elizabeth Brown
Slave Name Appraisal Value
Hampton 1100
Anthony, Sr. 300
Maria 400
Prince 1000
Burwell 1600
Antinette 1000
Frances 500
Green 500
Aunt Sarah 1
Juds 800
Caroline 1200
Blanche 1200
Pedro 1600
Anthony, Jr. 1600
Aunt Peggy 1
Betty, Sr. 500
Missouri 1100
Henry 800
Margaritle 500
Ella 200
Ailsey 1
Lucy 1080
Mary 1
Little Betty, Jr. 1250
Richmond 600

These matching names appeared on both list:

And so in a system of perpetual slavery, the slaves and their descendants held by Epps Brown passed from him to his wife to his children.


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