Tracing Your Ancestors[Part7]

3 generation Stuckey family tree
Tentative three generation Stuckey Family Tree

Summary of Tracing Your Ancestors-Part 6

Last time, we decided to follow Alex Stuckey's family forward in time. We sought to:

We found George Stuckey in the 1900 Wilkinson County census living near white Alex Stuckey's son. At the time, we could not locate Alex Stuckey or his wife Josephine.

Tracing George Stuckey

1910 Census

1920 Census

1940 Census

Josephine and Alex Stuckey

Using both a manual and computerized search, we found Josephine Stuckey, a 70 year old widow, in the 1900 Laurens County, Georgia census.

From the 1900 census, we can conclude :

Jerry Whipple

1900 Census

1910-1940 Census

1880 Census

Without a doubt, Jerry Whipple knew the Stuckeys and the Carrs. Further investigation of Caroline Stuckey revealed that she was the Caroline Rogers who married Daniel Stuckey in Wilkinson County . Alex Stuckey(white) was his brother. Caroline's daughter Mary married John Knighton.

Thus, Jerry Whipple seems to be a credible witness!

What Else We Discovered

A manual search of Jerry Whipple's 1880 neighborhood also turned up George Stuckey's household. George Stuckey, a 22 year old black man, lived with wife Elizabeth (Eliza) and brother Solomon. Now we were certain that the George Stuckey traced from 1900-1940 matched the 14 year old boy residing with Alex Stuckey in 1870. The census taker reported Georgia for the birthplace of George Stuckey's parents.

Next, we focused our attention on locating a death record for George Stuckey who died after July 1940. Our search of the Georgia death index turned up a George Stuckey who died at Laurens County in 1946 .

Join us next time, as we untangle the Stuckey family tree.