Tracing Your Ancestors[Part 5]

Reviewing Our Data

Before we continue this exciting quest for Mattie Stuckey's ancestors of color, let's take a look at our collected data.

Sherman Stuckey's Family Group Sheet

What We Discoverd in Part 4

Last time we learned the names of Mattie's grandparents, Alex (Ellick) Stuckey and Ellen Carr from Sherman Stuckey's death certificate. However, Josephine not Ellen lived in Alex Stuckey's 1870 household. Marriage records revealed he married Josephine Stuckey in 1873.

This same Alex Stuckey headed a household in 1880:

Several possible scenarios are consistent with these findings:
  1. Alex Stuckey had a child with Ellen Carr prior to his marriage to Josephine Stuckey.
  2. Another man named Alex Stuckey with a wife Ellen Carr existed.

First let's focus our attention on Scenario 1.

A close look at the 1870 census revealed :

Without further proof,we can only speculate that this Alex Stuckey formed a union with Ellen Carr during slavery. Since slave marriages were not considered legal under Georgia law, no documentation probably exists. Nevertheless, after slavery ended, many former slaves actually registered their marriages. Another search of marriage records, failed to turn up one for a bride named Ellen Carr or Ellen Stuckey.

A computerized 1870 and 1880 Wilkinson County census search for an Ellen Carr or Ellen Stuckey of the appropriate age also proved futile. Even a statewide search returned no results.

Next we further investigated Scenario 2. Remember in Part 4, we found a white Alex Stuckey in the 1870 Wilkinson County census. He headed a household with persumed wife Eliza and nine children.

New Discoveries

A search for other documents pertaining to this Alex Stuckey revealed:

Very Important Findings

Although our search for marriage and census documents failed to turn up any for Ellen Carr, a thorough investigation of white Alex Stuckey's family history proved fruitful. The history disclosed that Alex Stuckey had a son , Richard J. Stuckey, born 1847 who married Jane Carr. The family history also stated that Alexander's brother John and his wife Amanda Butler gave birth to a son Frank in 1856. Frank married Mattie Carr, daughter of Jos. and Elizabeth Stuckey Carr. Now, there was no doubt! A relationship definitely existed between this Alex Stuckey's family and the Carr family.

Please join us next time as we continue to unravel the family history of Mattie Stuckey in our search for ancestors of color.


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