Tracing Your Ancestors [Part 4]

Hope you are ready to continue on this exciting search for ancestors of color. Last time we journeyed back to 1880 and 1870 in search of Sherman Stuckey. We hoped to find him in a household with his parents. Unfortunately, that was not the case. However, our search turned up several other Stuckey households which we recorded.

Census records are just one of the many documents that can be used to search for ancestors of color. Death records or certificates also help considerably. The state of Georgia officially started keeping death records in 1919. We did not know when Sherman Stuckey died, but the 1920 census revealed he was alive at that time. So, we took a look at the 1930 Wilkinson County census. A search of it using the Stuckey surname revealed this household:

Stuckey, Willie Ann, Negro, age 54, widow, farm laborer
Stuckey, Mattie, Negro, age 21, daughter
Stuckey, Pearl, Negro, age 17, daughter
Stuckey, Robbie, Negro, age 15, daughter
Stuckey, Sherman, Negro, age 10, son

Willie Ann, now designated as a widow, headed the household. Mattie, now a woman, still lived with her mother and siblings, Pearl, Robbie and Sherman, Jr. Apparently,Sherman Stuckey died between 1920 and 1930.

Perhaps a death certificate could be found for Sherman Stuckey. A computerized Georgia death certificate search using the Stuckey surname and Wilkinson County turned up the following death certificate:

Death Certificate of Sherman Stuckey .

Sherman Stuckey died of pneumonia March 17, 1924 in Wilkinson County, Georgia . His parents were Alex Stuckey and Ellen Carr.Jerry Whipple, the informant, supplied this information. Remember, we discovered Alex Stuckey in the 1880 and 1870 censuses. He appeared in the 1870 census as head of this seven member household:

Stuckey, Alex, age 38, male, black, born in Georgia, farmer
Stuckey, Josephine, age 30, female, black
Stuckey, Sarah, age 10, female, black
Stuckey, George, age 14, male, black
Stuckey, Anna, age 8, male, black
Stuckey, Solomon, age 6, male, black
Stuckey, Elisabeth, age 3, male, black

Note, Sherman does not appear in Alex Stuckey's household.

Fortunately, while searching Stuckey marriage certificates, we recorded Alex (Ellick) Stuckey's marriage to Josephine Stuckey on May 29, 1873:

Marriage Certificate of Sherman Stuckey and Josephine Stuckey.

You probably noticed Alex and Josephine carry the same last name. Former slaves chose whatever surname they preferred.

But what about Ellen Carr? Did Alex Stuckey have a previous wife? Could we possibly have the wrong Alex Stuckey? Surprisingly, another Alex Stuckey appeared in the 1870 Wilkinson County census. This Alex Stuckey, a 50 year old white male, headed the following household:

Stuckey, Alex, age 50, male, white
Stuckey, Eliza, age 43, female, white
Stuckey, HT, age 21, male, white
Stuckey, Wiley H, age 16, male, white
Stuckey, Missouri, age 13, female, white
Stuckey, Rosmerson, age15, female, white
Stuckey, Fannie, age 10, female, white
Stuckey, William, age 8, male, white
Stuckey, Alex, age 6, male, white
Stuckey, Margaret, age 4, female, white
Stuckey, Lee, age 2, female, white

Join us next time as we unravel the history of Sherman Stuckey's parents and continue our search for ancestors of color.

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